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Idea from S. Justin Stoltzfus

S. Justin Stoltzfus


Why You’ll Never Notice a Lack of Rare Earth Metals – Until You Do


Central idea: the rare earth metals in smartphones and devices are finite materials. With the vast quantity of devices being thrown away, and the ongoing huge demand for new ones, reclaiming those rare earth metals is paramount. Could link this idea to what the company does and how important it is in today’s market. Also, from the title: you might some day order a new device and hear that they are delayed, because someone is not mining metals fast enough…


S. Justin Stoltzfus


  • smartphones
  • platinum
  • neodynium
  • lanthanides
  • cell
  • users
  • devices
  • Links

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  • http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/next/physics/rare-earth-elements-in-cell-phones/