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Idea from S. Justin Stoltzfus


Cybercrime Not an Act of War


Astonishingly, the legislature is trying to get specifications for cybercrime as an act of war – and is so far failing! This post could feature the introduction of the “Cyber Crime Act of War Act” in May, and talk about how, no matter how great the harm or violent the disruption of operations, cybercrime and cyberattacks will not be treated as worthy of certain types of government intervention – which is all the more reason for companies to use the high-tech services that SentinalOne offers


S. Justin Stoltzfus


  • cyberattack
  • hackers
  • crime
  • act of war
  • national security
  • defense
  • Links

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  • https://www.congress.gov/bill/114th-congress/house-bill/5220/actions