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Idea from S. Justin Stoltzfus

S. Justin Stoltzfus


Why Do Libraries Glue USB Ports?


This post would be more technical- starting briefly with why people glue USB ports (they don’t want to bother with software) and then showcasing particular aspects of SentinelOne tech including the use of sandbox tech, signature-based tools, life cycle inspection, inspection of activities in real-time, etc.


S. Justin Stoltzfus


  • USB
  • endpoint
  • network
  • security
  • ports
  • data
  • Links

  • http://www.itbusinessedge.com/cm/blogs/weinschenk/disabling-usb-ports-with-a-glue-gun-is-not-a-best-practice/?cs=13731
  • https://sentinelone.com/article/sentinelone-disrupts-endpoint-security-status-quo-with-predictive-execution-inspection-technology/