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Idea from S. Justin Stoltzfus

S. Justin Stoltzfus


How Much Data Entry? Why This Question Matters so Much in Legacy Modernization and Data Migration Projects


This post would start out talking about the resources need for any given project, and how data entry might be necessary. Then: why it can be hard to get people to do data entry (it’s boring) and how even platforms like eLance might not work for small bits of data entry or sporadic or irregular work – and why it’s so important to ask a vendor about how data migration will work, and to make a “migration plan” to address the logistics before going forward (also to check the quality of data)


S. Justin Stoltzfus


  • legacy
  • data migration
  • data entry
  • migration plan
  • quality of data
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  • http://datamigrationpro.com/data-migration-checklist-planner/