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Idea from Chris R. Benjamin

Chris R. Benjamin


Purchase Intent Data in Action: Maintaining Market Strength and Customer Loyalty Between Sales


Purchase intent data can be used between sales touchpoints--in both existing customer relationships and account-based outreach--to increase affinity and strengthen overall market presence. This blog post will discuss 2 ways: 1) Matching personalized content to the “ideal” customer experience, based on data you already have; 2) Creating and executing a content strategy that anticipates buyer journey flow.


Chris R. Benjamin


  • purchase intent data
  • customer experience
  • buyer journey
  • Links

  • http://mktr2mktr.com/csm-the-most-powerful-tool-in-your-marketing-toolkit/
  • http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/2016/05/model-buyers-journey/
  • http://www.joeysargent.com/2016/06/brand-affinity-customer-experience/