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Idea from S. Justin Stoltzfus

S. Justin Stoltzfus


Finding Viable Workarounds to Public Cloud Latency


Intro: Latency is a big and sometimes under-advertised issue with public cloud (leading some to go back to on-prem.) A. building physical direct connections (not very viable!) B. Splitting up networks into multiple platforms (requires a lot of monitoring) C. engineering workload efficiency - getting back to real-time service. D. conclusion/CTA


S. Justin Stoltzfus


  • public cloud
  • latency
  • network
  • monitoring
  • virtualization
  • Links

  • http://www.stratoscale.com/blog/stratoscale-labs/the-network-challenge-in-a-hyper-converged-private-cloud/
  • http://www.clearskydata.com/blog/latency-the-hidden-killer-of-cloud-adoption