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Idea from Geoffrey Craig

Geoffrey Craig


Creating Personas That Unite Your Sales And Inbound Marketing Campaigns


A discussion about how homebuilders and contractors can align sales and marketing, using CRM and other data sources to identify and refine personas, in a quest to maximize marketing ROI. Angle: Ideas and innovation to improve ROI for marketers and decision-makers in construction. Conclusion: Collaboration with the right inbound marketing partner is the difference that will bring sales enablement and marketing together as successful unified campaigns.


Geoffrey Craig


  • Inbound marketing
  • sales enablement
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  • http://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/sales-support-services-agency#sm.001xzy77t15h1dfdpua105lcuav08
  • http://blogs.forrester.com/scott_santucci/10-08-14-what_%E2%80%9Csales_enablement%E2%80%9D_and_how_did_forrester_go_about_defining_it