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Idea from Cristina Kuptzin-Johnson


Business Consulting Blog - Identifying Weak Leadership


Incorporating statistics from the Global Leadership Forecast, this 1,000+ word post aims at identifying 5 signs of weak leadership and providing 7 steps to correct it. Within the post are studies and statistics to support the suggestions.Utilizes H2 and H3 headlines. The goal is to get the readers to consider continued education in the workplace.


Cristina Kuptzin-Johnson

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  • http://iajournals.org/articles/iajispm_v1_i3_28_62.pdf
  • https://www.towerswatson.com/en-US/Insights/IC-Types/Survey-Research-Results/2013/12/2013-2014-change-and-communication-roi-study
  • https://www.forbes.com/sites/victorlipman/2016/10/01/a-startling-98-of-managers-feel-managers-need-more-training/#183227ed5e8b
  • https://vailcentre.org/benefits-continuous-learning/