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Idea from Ogo Ogbata


'Success Stories That Sell!' [Blog Post/Article Series]


In Stanford University, students were asked to give one-minute speeches with 3 statistics and 1 story. Only 5% recalled a single statistic but 63% remembered the stories. Having, reviewed your site, I'd like to communicate the value of the transformational work you're doing and help sell your services through human interest stories. I could do this by converting your testimonials into engaging content. E.g. #1: How Mark Broke Free from The Chains of Addiction in 90 Days.


Ogo Ogbata

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  • https://mannerofspeaking.org/2009/10/13/making-it-stick-tell-stories/
  • https://hbr.org/2013/07/want-to-raise-prices-tell-a-be