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Idea from David Lewis


No Better Century to Suffer Social Anxiety


Nobody appreciates the internet more than introverts, especially those battling social anxiety. Thanks to the power of the digital revolution, avoiding people at the store is a thing of the past! If there's a service or good you NEED but your social emotions are completely drained from the day, there's an app that can help. This article will discuss a list of apps that make social anxiety in the 21st century a bit more tolerable. It is meant to help those who "can't" leave the house mentally.


David Lewis

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  • Links

  • https://www.taskrabbit.com for people who need help around the house but don't know anyone or are too "scared" to ask loved ones.
  • Http://www.Instacart.com for people who are unable or unwilling to face the crowds at the grocery store.
  • Http://www.grubhub.com for people who want hot food delivered but don't want to face traffic or are too stressed to leave the house in general.
  • Http://www.amazon.com for pretty much most shopping needs outside of major grocery stores though some people don't realize how vast the options are or how FAST Prime can be.
  • http:// ------ I have a few more in mind but plan to focus heavily on these.