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Idea from Rachel Brooks

Rachel Brooks


How PIM can customize and preserve e-grocer distribution chains post COVID-19


This is a follow-up to "Grocers: survival of the innovative," by New Food Magazine. This is how a custom-built PIM SaaS system can help grocery distribution centers survive the post-COVID-19 markets and distribution chain with effective cost mitigation intact. With a specific focus on e-grocery delivery channels.


Rachel Brooks


  • PIM
  • custom PIM
  • SaaS
  • distribution centers
  • grocery distribution
  • Links

  • https://www.newfoodmagazine.com/article/108872/grocers-survival-of-the-innovative/
  • https://diginomica.com/six-ways-business-changed-covid-19
  • https://multichannelmerchant.com/ecommerce/u-s-ecommerce-sales-25-due-covid-19-e-grocery-doubles/