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Idea from Star (Susanna) Williams

Star (Susanna) Williams


Expert Tips for Hiring Diverse Tech Teams


According to Addy Mendoza of Facebook, if you’re currently seeking a software engineer with ten years’ experience plus a degree, your hiring process is biased against women. Mendoza made this point on a 2019 Codility panel, “Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Tech Hiring”—a video I watched with interest. This article, which would focus on these experts’ strategies for attracting, screening, and sourcing diverse candidates, would be geared towards eliminating unconscious hiring bias in tech.


Star (Susanna) Williams


  • hiring diverse tech teams
  • diversity in tech hiring
  • Links

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZF-3pcQc64
  • https://www.codility.com/blog/analyzed-candidate-sessions-gender-report-what-learned/