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Idea from Sharon Hurley Hall

Sharon Hurley Hall


How to Psych Your Audience Into Paying Attention to Your Presentation


Some webinars are like high school classrooms on a Friday afternoon - full of barely interested people who look like they'd rather be anywhere else. Then there are the ones that are more like pep rallies where everyone is alert, engaged, and participating. How do you make your webinar one of the second type? Turns out, it's all about psychology and the human brain. In other words, a little bit of neuroscience goes a long way towards making your webinar attendees sit up and take notice.


Sharon Hurley Hall


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  • https://www.inc.com/geoffrey-james/8-ways-neuroscience-can-improve-your-presentations.html
  • https://blog.polleverywhere.com/how-to-structure-a-presentation/