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Idea from Margot Lester

Margot Lester


Getting IT pros' attention


I've been writing for IT leaders since last century (seriously -- I wrote a B2B whitepaper called "What is ecommerce?!) which gives me a unique perspective on their personalities and their roles. I can help you help them in their fight to not just be the "PC support" guys and take their rightful places as strategic partners in the C-Suite and across the organization. Clients have included Mimecast, Nuance, Lionbridge, SAS, The Executive Council, Salesforce and IBM.


Margot Lester


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  • https://www.dropbox.com/s/e6sjqzi65c1iu9u/Salesforce-Industry-Fullforce-Brochure-March.pdf?dl=0
  • https://app.box.com/s/pj4foz4zilpq3t09707932b8o7je6tc1
  • https://www.smartbrief.com/original/2018/05/cost-effectively-meeting-consumer-demand-higher-bandwidth-services