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Idea from Rachel Brooks

Rachel Brooks


2020 Trending chart toppers filmed with the iPhone 11_here's how you can do it too


This is a study case-by-case of how these trend chart toppers across a span of industries from music to commercial to news were all shot with iPhone 11. Techniques from the best videos on the market today to give you a better sense of how you can succeed with mobile videography.


Rachel Brooks


  • trending
  • mobile
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  • https://www.apple.com/iphone/vertical-cinema/?&cid=wwa-us-kwgo-iphone--slid---YouTube-iPhone-ShotoniPhone-&mtid=20925d2q39172&aosid=p238&mnid=socuKOBh2-dc_mtid_20925d2q39172_pcrid_454706119571_pgrid_112384046784_&anonymizeip=set