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Idea from Jessica Collins

Jessica Collins


How to care for your body between massage appointments


I'd like to talk about why it's important to continue self-care in between massage appointments. What can your clients do to protect their backs, minimize pain, and reduce stress when they're at home or at work. I could talk about what your therapists recommend as well as the importance of things like posture, ergonomics, meditation, sleep hygiene, and exercising/stretching.


Jessica Collins


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  • https://www.embracelifemassage.com/informationaboutwomenstherapeuticmassage/7-easy-self-care-tips-to-keep-you-feeling-great-between-massages#:~:text=While%20massage%20therapy%20can%20have
  • http://to%20practice%20some%20self%2Dcare <<< a post similar to this but...better;)