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Idea from Rachel Brooks

Rachel Brooks


How the science of Smartmatic voting could solve the e-vote fraud debacle


It would seem modern politics are set ablaze with the debate over EMVs and mail-in ballots. Here is how the Smartmatic system may solve the debate over voting tech and voter options for us.. The techology of the e-Poll book broken down segment by segment to bring you through the process. Compares against standard legislature EMVs to explain why it is an improvement from what has been installed previously. The objective is to decrease voter tampering fears.


Rachel Brooks


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  • Links

  • https://www.smartmatic.com/us/elections/epollbook/
  • https://www.smartmatic.com/fileadmin/user_upload/EPB_US_ProductSheet_May2020.pdf
  • https://www.eac.gov/voting-equipment/managing-election-technology