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Idea from Rachel Brooks


Knowing Wellington from Christchurch, why local SEO matters , and how to make it work


This is a look into the reasons why local pages and optimizing for local SEO matters between the different cities of New Zealand. Explains in depth what your services are across each city, and what the relevance is in each and for all.


Rachel Brooks


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  • local seo
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  • local pages
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  • https://reportedtimes.com/seo-services-market-next-big-thing-major-giants-seo-com-page-traffic-ignite-visibility-straight-north/
  • https://avxdigital.com/blog/local-seo-matters/#:~:text=Search%20Engine%20Optimizations%20(SEO)%20provides
  • http://customer%20with%20what%20they%20need.&text=Local%20digital%20marketing%20matters%20because
  • http://than%20any%20other%20marketing%20technique.