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Idea from Moriah Rivera-Lawrence


TOMRA News Pitch: Cracking the Nut Cross-Contamination Code with the TOMRA 5C


Cross-contamination is a complex issue that can be tricky and expensive to deal with. From wasted food to lost capital and time, cross-contamination is an issue that is slashing away at the food industry's profits today. Learn how the TOMRA 5C is solving this issue for the nut industry with precision. Using cutting-edge technology paired with future-proof design, the TOMRA 5C is defying expectations and making a positive impact on the damage cross-contamination causes to the industry.


Moriah Rivera-Lawrence


  • TOMRA 5C
  • cross-contamination
  • Links

  • https://www.tomra.com/en/sorting/food/sorting-equipment/tomra-5c
  • https://food.tomra.com/blog/en/sorting/food/food-news/2016/cross-out-contamination
  • https://food.tomra.com/blog/tomra-food-merges-best-in-class-engineering-and-intelligence-with-launch-of-the-tomra-5c