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Idea from Peter Okonkwo


Title: Relationship between heroin addiction and life sustaining functions


Abstract – The Percentage of heroin addicts that have become physically and psychologically dependent is on a disturbing upward trend affecting their life sustaining functions. It has resulted to drug related emergency cases.This article would cover the relationship between heroin addiction and life sustaining functions. It will include effect of heroin on one’s life sustaining functions; the management, treatments and recovery programs that could be used by Serenity house .


Peter Okonkwo


  • Brain
  • life sustaining functions
  • opioids
  • addiction
  • drugs
  • heroin
  • detoxification
  • relapse
  • withdrawal symptoms
  • Links

  • https://americanaddictioncenters.org/heroin-treatment/brain-damage
  • https://summithelps.com/heroin/brain-damage/
  • https://luxury.rehabs.com/drug-detox/