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Idea from Eva Stoddart


Why Many Veterans Struggle With Addiction


This piece would be aimed at the family members of veterans who struggle to understand why their loved one is suffering from PTSD, addiction, and other feelings they struggle to understand. It would be informative and offer a clearly explained, scientific explanation of these problems with an empathetic yet practical tone. Subheadings would include What Is PTSD?, Why Does PTSD Cause Veterans To Struggle With Addiction?, How Can Veterans Get Help?


Eva Stoddart


  • veterans struggle with addiction
  • veterans addiction
  • ptsd and addiction
  • Links

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  • https://www.addictioncenter.com/addiction/veterans/#:~:text=More%20than%2020%20percent%20of
  • http://may%20lead%20to%20a%20relapse.