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Idea from John Heinz


IRS Hardship Program: Everything You Need to Know


The IRS may agree that you have a financial hardship (economic hardship) if you can show that you cannot pay or can barely pay your basic living expenses. For the IRS to determine you are in a hardship situation, the IRS will use its collection financial standards to determine allowable basic living expenses. This article will outline this program in a way for average citizens to understand and gain value from while also highlighting why the Tax Industry client is a great fit for assistance...


John Heinz


  • IRS Hardship Program
  • Financial Hardship
  • Basic Living Expenses
  • Unpaid Taxes
  • Financial Literacy
  • Links

  • https://www.irs.gov/retirement-plans/plan-participant-employee/retirement-topics-hardship-distributions
  • https://www.irs.gov/retirement-plans/hardships-early-withdrawals-and-loans
  • https://www.algtaxsolutions.com/services/tax-resolution-services/irs-hardship
  • https://www.hrblock.com/tax-center/irs/audits-and-tax-notices/tax-dictionary-financial-hardship/