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Idea from Daniel Mattia


Updating Site Copy and Writing Thought Leadership Articles


Hello, I've been writing about insurance since 2017 (and previously sold insurance as a licensed insurance producer) and would love the opportunity to discuss how I can help update Insurun's website copy and/or write thought leadership content on Insurun's behalf. I've recently produced content for a similar insurtech startup and am familiar with the space, in addition to being a general "insurance nerd" anyway. I've included some samples below and welcome any questions you may have. Thank you!


Daniel Mattia


  • https://www.rategenius.com/vehicle-service-contract-vs-car-insurance
  • https://www.bestow.com/blog/life-insurance-first-time-home-buyers/
  • https://www.medishare.com/blog/what-is-life-insurance-and-why-is-it-important