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Idea from Steven Westwood


Why you should use affiliate marketing to increase your income


Affiliate marketing has grown into a $12 billion dollar industry and is increasing in popularity as people search for multiple revenue streams. This article will touch on what affiliate marketing is, how it works, and ultimately help educate your readers on how affiliate marketing is the way for them to grow. Some of the other concepts will touch on the multiple ways to be an affiliate marketer without putting in a lot of effort.


Steven Westwood


  • Affiliate marketing
  • why affiliate marketing
  • what is affiliate marketing
  • how to be an affiliate marketer
  • Links

  • https://supermetrics.com/blog/affiliate-marketing-statistics
  • https://docplayer.net/21537988-Networks-help-drive-affiliate-marketing-into-the-mainstream-advertisers-and-publishers-evolve-as-the-industry-shifts.html