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Idea from Austin Mitchell


How to Optimize Cybersecurity Expenditure for the Real World


BakerHostetler recently released some eye-opening statistics on the real costs of ransomware and data breaches, with outcome statistics and litigation frequency included. This kind of data is a gold mine for calculating and forecasting real-world cybersecurity ROI, and goes far beyond the usual "average cost of $150 per record" approach, which isn't really a useful statistic. The article will show enterprise leaders exactly how to improve security event outcomes without touching the IT budget.


Austin Mitchell


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  • ransomware
  • ransomware negotiation
  • cybersecurity ROI
  • data breach costs
  • data breach litigation
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  • https://www.scmagazine.com/home/security-news/legal-security-news/heres-the-breakdown-of-cybersecurity-stats-only-law-firms-usually-see/