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Idea from John Heinz


RSS: Windows Kernel Information Disclosure Vulnerability + Social Share


Microsoft released a patch for a vulnerability actively being exploited in the wild: CVE-2021-31955. An attacker could read the contents of Kernel memory from a user mode process. A POC is available on GitHub here. Microsoft Windows - CVE-2017-8742CVE-2017-11932CVE-2017-11937CVE-2017-11854CVE-2017-11877CVE-2018-6661CVE-2018-8117CVE-2018-6674CVE-2018-6664CVE-2018-0598CVE-2017-8725CVE-2018-8853CVE-2017-11878CVE-2017-8560CVE-2017-9653CVE-2017-11940CVE-2017-8559CVE-2018-0903CVE-2018-0908CVE-2017-8


John Heinz