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Idea from John Heinz


Demand Generation Content Marketing: Targeted Industries - Aerospace/Defense Topical News


Even within heavy industries, people often speak of 3D printing in terms of science fiction. With the allure of creating something from nothing, it has been poised to revolutionize prototyping, manufacturing, and resupplying for decades. However, additive manufacturing — another name for 3D printing — also is a reality here and now. This article will outline the new challenges and opportuntiies orgs face from rolling out new 3D printing technologies.


John Heinz


  • 3D printing
  • manufacturing
  • additive manufacturing
  • supply chain management
  • new production techniques
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  • https://www.militaryaerospace.com/home/article/14205856/military-starts-to-run-with-3d-printing-and-additive-manufacturing