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Idea from Taheerah Barney


How Does nDash's Messaging Communicate Meaning to Marketing Professionals?


I'll use commercial semiotics to study the meaning behind words to help you: properly communicate nDash's expertise in writing B2B tech content to marketing directors and CMOs, analyze your competitors' marketing communications to your target audiences, and pinpoint opportunities for nDash to say something new so you stand out as an industry leader. You can use the findings from my detailed analysis (backed up with evidence) as a foundation for your white papers, eBooks, blog posts, etc.


Taheerah Barney


  • CMO
  • marketing directors
  • research
  • analysis
  • marketing
  • branding
  • positioning
  • blog posts
  • whitepapers
  • articles.
  • Links

  • https://s3.amazonaws.com/external_clips/3919911/SOCCER_MOM.pdf?1630822508 - An example of a semiotic report where I investigate what specific words mean to a target audience to improve a company's brand positioning and messaging.