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Idea from Anwar George


Validate or Verify: WTF Should Your Tests Actually Be Doing?


Most decision-makers already know they need to test. They may even have a vague understanding of why. The problem is that these goalposts aren't set in stone. This post will explain the distinctions between testing for validation and verification and share insights into when each is beneficial. The post will also share how functional testing automation can clear up the confusion even if it strictly focuses on verification. Finally, it'll highlight some features to look for in a testing platform.


Anwar George


  • verification
  • validation
  • functional testing
  • system testing
  • testing automation
  • Links

  • https://dailytechtime.com/impact-of-functional-testing-on-business-roi/
  • https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/differences-between-functional-and-non-functional-testing/