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Idea from Rachel Brooks


Should I go through SOC 2 compliance even if my industry doesn't require it?


It may still be a good idea to go through the motions of full-security compliance. Here are the differences between SOC Type 1-2 compliance needs, where the law stops and the expert opinion advises, and how to know what extra "layers" you should take even if there is no mandate to do it.


Rachel Brooks


  • SOC 2
  • compliance
  • extra security
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  • https://www.charlesit.com/soc2-compliance/#:~:text=Importantly%2C%20even%20if%20your%20organization
  • http://but%20all%20personally%20identifiable%20data.
  • https://www.imperva.com/learn/data-security/soc-2-compliance/