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Idea from Rachel Brooks


How NLP Developers Can Revolutionize Customer Experiences in Native Languages


Why being able to interact with a smart device in native language is so important for customer experience. How NLP and voice recognition development is advancing to make this more user-friendly. How developers can build outcome-focused NLP to pinpoint the system's ability to become multilingual flawlessly.


Rachel Brooks


  • NLP
  • voice recognition
  • customer engagement
  • omnichannel
  • Links

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  • https://www.nuance.com/omni-channel-customer-engagement.html
  • https://www.magnolianews.net/Content/natural-language-processing-nlp-market-how-to-increase-is-likely-to-experience-a-tremendous-growth-in-near-future-2030-3m-company-apple-inc-microsoft-corporation/