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Idea from Dawn Colclasure


How Content Writers Can Use Content-Generating Strategies to Write More Content


One thing that helped me get pitches accepted on nDash is having a content development strategy. I'd love to share how I used this to get more pitches accepted. I will also share some common types of content as well as how using SEO keywords can help this process.


Dawn Colclasure


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  • https://www.mediabistro.com/be-inspired/five-ways-to-get-inspired-to-create-new-content/?bsft_aaid=62e64369-f1fd-44fc-aea6-39714ebb5d80&bsft_eid=e8497a34-a0ae-4910-b689-b334e298d741&utm_campaign=uptake-2022-06-30&utm_source=blueshift&utm_medium=email&utm_content=uptake-2022-06-30&bsft_clkid=417403b1-2482-4a83-b47e-9224f4d9a6f1&bsft_uid=7b26c486-c50f-4e42-9500-c3ee3394c0a9&bsft_mid=98ec797c-c553-4c0f-bcfa-b2063a5ff6d8&bsft_txnid=aebbc720-7637-4c43-aa87-9048cf4c5c6c&bsft_mime_type=html&bsft_ek=2022-06-30T17%3A00%3A41Z&bsft_lx=14&bsft_tv=12