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Idea from Austin Mitchell


Malicious Insiders: A Bigger Threat than Ransomware


I think Spire's customers could benefit from a detailed blog post describing insider threats and showing how Rapid7's UBA technology gives visibility into compromised credential attacks. Ransomware remains a top concern for most IT security executives, so I'd like to make a direct comparison between the two threats. The main argument is this that it's much easier for a well-prepared organization to mitigate ransomware attack than an insider threat, yet few IT leaders prepare adequately for both.


Austin Mitchell


  • Ransomware
  • insider threats
  • malicious insiders
  • compromised credentials
  • Rapid7
  • user behavior analysis
  • Links

  • https://www.rapid7.com/globalassets/_pdfs/whitepaperguide/rapid7-insightidr-detections-solution-guide.pdf
  • https://www.rapid7.com/solutions/user-behavior-analytics/