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Technology Copywriter

About Me

Currently creating blogs, white papers, case studies, emails and web pages for organizations that range from tech companies to facility management firms to indoor agriculture specialists. Responsible for managing client relationships, maintaining a content pipeline, performing research, and providing deliverables to meet strict client deadlines

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My Writing Samples

Five Ways to Improve Your Analytics ROI on Snowflake

Organizations who move to the cloud are frequently surprised by its costs. This is for two reasons. First, It can be difficult to understand cloud pricing models, which often scale in unexpected ways. Second, cost, processing power and efficiency don’t have a linear relationship in the cloud. Here are a few ways to lower the costs of running analytics with on the Snowflake platform and how to increase ROI at the same time.


Best Practices for Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR)

I've recently branched out from technology and information security to write about medical devices. Here, we learn about the best ways to detect hearing loss in newborn patients.



From November – December of 2019, I was responsible for creating 95 percent of the copy you’ll see on this site. I integrated with the creative team at Agrify and several stakeholders in order to gain a working knowledge of indoor farming, plus regulatory concerns and construction issues.


Network Packet Brokers Explained

Need someone to explain complex data center infrastructure? From network packet brokers to CMBs, I've broken down some of the more recondite aspects of networking hardware and applications for a broad audience.


I Hate SharePoint

Do you hate SharePoint? Well, you're wrong. A lot of clients like a lighter tone when writing about drier subjects (such as widely-disliked software applications), and if you're one of those, here's a great example of what I'm able to create.


New Technology will STIR and SHAKE Robocalls

Worked closely with Barton Pesavento, Product Management and Marketing Leader at Neustar, in order to create a piece with high technical accuracy – following a strict style guide while adhering to the client’s writing style and preferences.


Diagnosing (and Avoiding) the Top 3 AWS EC2 Issues

EC2 is extremely useful for business IT teams looking to assemble massive computing power without purchasing physical infrastructure, and for those that must prepare for regular spikes in customer demand. That being said, EC2 is a tool like any other. It’s prone to being misused or misconfigured, and if that occurs, your business could be left with nowhere to scale. Here's how to avoid the most common EC2 errors before your application starts to crash.


The Role of the FDA in the Digital Health Monitoring Space

Many companies are now entering the digital healthcare arena, and some of them have a minimal background in creating medical devices. Other companies have stated outright falsehoods about the efficacy of their products. Yet more organizations are now facing legal pressure from consumers who believe they've been cheated by devices that don't work as intended. Given that companies are creating devices meant to diagnose or recommend solutions for patients, the FDA is becoming increasingly involved in health monitoring innovation. The more invasive the health monitoring device, the more involvement the FDA will have in the innovation process—especially in terms of clinical trial standards.


Will AI Be Smart Enough To Protect Us From Online Threats?

Here’s an idea: Let’s set our computers to defend our computers. Let’s build a computer strong enough, fast enough and smart enough to defend us all from hackers on its own. Can we do this? Probably not; and if it turns out that we can… we’ll end up in a be-careful-what-you-wish-for scenario. Let’s explore why artificial intelligence will probably never be smart enough to end cybercrime.



Technology Copywriter

Create blogs, infographics, white papers, and other content related to various topics in technology, including IT, information security, telecom, networking, and more.

Company: nDash Marketing

I worked there from 3/2016 until now

Marketing Associate

Made use of Pardot and Umbraco to compose email campaigns and design website landing pages in order to advertise IANS events and research.

Company: IANS Research

I worked there from 9/2014 until 5/2015

Content I Write


Fantastic Cybersecurity Writer

Andrew is one of the few writers I've met who can write very-niche cybersecurity articles while making them digestible to mere mortals like myself. He knows the industry so well that I end up going to him with more questions than he probably cares to answer but always does so with a smile.

Matt Solar, nDash.co

Great writer and technical storyteller

I genuinely look forward to seeing Andrew's drafts arrive in my inbox. I'm a big fan of his work! B2B tech is often said to be a boring space, but you could never tell that by reading Andrew's content. He's got a great knack for crafting compelling narratives to draw readers in, while also appealing to the most technical types of audiences.

Michael Brown, nDash.co

Great writer, technical storyteller

I genuinely look forward to seeing Andrew drafts arrive in my inbox. I'm a big fan of his work! B2B tech is often said to be a boring space, but you could never tell that by reading Andrew's content. He's got a great knack for crafting compelling narratives to draw readers in, while also appealing to the most technical types of audiences.

Michael Brown, nDash.co