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Owner at Fresh Content Stream

About Me

I am a professional freelance writer with over 10 years of experience writing for print and online media. 

Industries I Write About

Real Estate

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My Writing Samples

The Power of Decision Making: How to Make Better Ones

Being indecisive is difficult enough for most people, but when you’re a leader in a business environment, not being able to make good decisions in a timely manner can have far-reaching, detrimental effects. Here are some insightful thoughts about decision-making in the workplace, and how to make better ones.


Startup Funding From Friends and Family: Best or Worst Idea Ever?

Online funding management systems have made it popular and convenient for entrepreneurs to ask for and collect startup funds from family and friends. Hundreds of now successful young businesses got their early boost from benevolent relatives and friends. Whether startups choose to use sites like Kickstarter and GoFundMe, or whether owners approach family and friends in person, it’s become commonplace and even acceptable to solicit relatives and buddies for money to bootstrap a business.


Power of the People: Building Your Data Analytics Dream Team

At the end of the day, an analysis project is only as good as the people doing the analyzing. But how do you build a data analytics dream team that performs well again and again? The basic principle is simple. Look for people who have a profound understanding of what they should be looking for, people who know what technology is available to help them achieve the goal, and people who are proficient with that technology.


Press Play: The Evolution of Video Marketing

Video is quickly outpacing still imagery in online content. Following on the heels of YouTube’s success, the exponential growth of companies like Vimeo, Camtasia, and Movavi demonstrates the public’s voracious appetite for an online multimedia experience. Find out why video has surpassed all other media in the marketing world, how your business can benefit from its successes and which professionals you should hire to make it happen.



Contributing Writer

As a contributing writer at Top Agent Magazine, I interview the top echelon of real estate agents in the country. Based on the interview, I craft a profile article for that agent, which is published in the magazine.


I worked there from 10/2015 until now

Food and Recipe Blogger

Kate's Cozy Kitchen is a food blog and recipe site. "Whole Foods, Made With Love"

Company: Kate's Cozy Kitchen

I worked there from 5/2015 until now


Fresh Content Stream is a writing and marketing services company serving small, medium and large business.We provide quality online content, as well as print services for businesses of all types. Please visit us at www.FreshContentStream.com

Company: Fresh Content Stream

I worked there from /2015 until now

Freelance Writer

Freelance writer for online and print media. Online portfolio at: http://freelancewriterkate.com

Company: Self

I worked there from 1/1989 until now

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