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Freelance Writer and Blogger, SEO and Web Content

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Amy is a freelance writer dedicated to providing clients with exciting, clean copy that allows them to connect with new customers or re-engage with current clients. Amy has been praised for her reliability, research skills, and for creating content that spurs people to action. She has experience writing for a variety of industries, including health/medical, real estate, and personal finance.

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Philadelphia Apartments: Making Heads or Tails of Your Rental Options in the City

Are you looking to rent in the City of Brotherly Love? You have a number of options, from a studio in a luxury apartment building in Center City to a two-bedroom in a rowhouse in South Philly. Learn more about your apartment options in Philly.


A Tiny House in Philadelphia: Should You Buy One?

Tiny houses are all the rage these days. But in Philly, tiny houses have been around for centuries. You could argue that the city’s trinity houses are the original tiny houses. Here are a few pros and cons of living in a small house.


Moving Checklist For Your Dental Needs

Moving day is quickly approaching and you've got a lot to do. Between packing up your house and changing your address where needed, it can feel as if your moving checklist is miles long. One thing to add to that checklist is finding a new dental care professional once you arrive at your new home. Taking action before you leave and having a plan in place for any ongoing care can help reduce moving- and dental-related stress.


Why Look For Fluoride In Toothpaste

There are numerous naturally occurring minerals that have a positive effect on your body. Calcium keeps your bones strong, iron delivers oxygen to your blood cells and zinc helps your immune system function properly. Another mineral that protects your body is fluoride. Found in soil and rocks, fluoride is often added to toothpaste to improve its benefit to the health of your teeth. In recent decades, fluoride in toothpaste has played a big role in reducing cavities and improving people's overall health around the world.



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Freelance article writer, freelance ghost blogger, SEO focused web content

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