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Contract Publisher, Journalist and Consultant In the Technologies, Business and Automotive Segments

About Me

PRRACEwire is a B2B consultancy and branded content producer. We provide media, marketing/advertising and publishing support for business, technology, automotive and affiliated industry segments.

Industries I Write About




Law & Politics

My Writing Samples

DevOps offers a best defense against impending ‘FinTech warfare’

Ghostwritten piece oriented to DevOps as a defense against FinTech Warfare


5 Ways Big Data is Changing ERP Software

ERP and Big Data


Full Circle In The Wayback Machine: Understanding Sarbanes–Oxley And Its Implications For Equity Crowdfunding

Discussion regarding SOX and EQCF



Trade feature showcasing Mile2 security systems


Leaf In The Wind – After All The EV Niche Is Trying Its Best

Discussion regarding the Nissan Leaf and the larger EV sector


How the Secret Service Nearly Shot Iranian President During UN Visit

International news piece


This New Alliance Is Threatening NASCAR’s Business Dictatorship

Public company investment in the sports sector.



Feature Writer

PERFORMANCE RACING INDUSTRY, is widely recognized as “The Voice of the Racing Marketplace.” From its inception in 1986, PERFORMANCE RACING INDUSTRY has served tens of thousands of racing entrepreneurs as their key source for industry trends, merchandising ideas, new products, business strategies and much, much more. With issues between 130 and 380+ pages, it is the most closely read magazine inside racing.

Company: Performance Racing Industry

I worked there from 4/2015 until now

Automotive And Technologies Writer

Moves Magazine operates a trade publication for professional athletes, celebrities, and entertainment personalities.

Company: Moves Magazine

I worked there from 9/2014 until now

Enterprise Technologies Writer

Converted Media specializes in converting audience to opportunity. Its portfolio of specialist business information brands attracts technology professionals with a popular mix of knowledge, opinion and news content. Expertise in lead generation enables the firm to identify and validate buyer intent within our audiences and create high-value, actionable opportunities for technology vendors.

Company: Converted Media

I worked there from 8/2014 until now

Luxury Automotive Writer

Salient covers the Luxury Lifestyle from Art, Fashion, Photography and Music to Technology and Premium Automobiles.

Company: Salient Magazine

I worked there from 7/2014 until now

Business Plan Writer

IM&C has perfected a winning combination to make clients successful. Experienced entrepreneurial business coaches and consultants that understand your needs coupled with exceptional entrepreneurial business writers who work with the client to achieve his/her funding objectives.

Company: Insights Marketing And Communications

I worked there from 8/2014 until now

Advertising Consultant

For many businesses today, the web is the most important marketing channel, outperforming traditional channels. Whether it's SEO, SEM (pay-per-click campaigns), email marketing, social media marketing, display advertising or affiliate programs, your business needs to undertake web marketing activities so you remain competitive in your market.

Company: Shout Web Strategy

I worked there from 7/2014 until now

Contributing Writer

The Auto Channel is the largest repository of auto-centric news and information on the web.

Company: The Auto Channel

I worked there from 7/2014 until now

Publisher, Managing Editor, News Curator

businessFUTURZ is owned by PRRACEwire. We are a business news, marketing, promotion and editorial production firm for the new economy.

Company: businessFUTURZ

I worked there from 3/2014 until now

Publisher, Managing Editor, News Curator

crowdUNIQUE is owned by PRRACEwire. We are a business brand extension, marketing and promotion firm for crowd-based enterprise.

Company: crowdUNIQUE With BitNews

I worked there from 9/2013 until now

Senior Consultant

Expertise PR, Marketing and Journalism involving the motorsports industry; IT Strategy, Development and Management Industry Experience Automotive, Motorsports, Electronic Media, Hospitality, Publishing, Federal, State, Municipal Government, High-Technology Key Positions Online marketing/advertising, automotive/motorsports media support, multiple CIO engagements for private/public companies including work in communications, large-scale computing.

Company: Stanton Associates

I worked there from 4/2012 until now

Publisher, Managing Editor, News Curator

PRRACEwire is focused on automotive, motorsports and industry supply-chain topics.

Company: PRRACEwire Industry Takes

I worked there from 1/2012 until now


Company: PRRACEwire

I worked there from /2004 until now

Senior Technologies Consultant

Mr. Carlton's work was based on contracted project and operational management for a range of companies and industry segments including: technical validation of investment targets for venture, private equity and financial firms, the joint applications development and management of large-scale wireless and satellite communications, Internet-based social networks, new media/Web 2.0 infrastructures, and fixed/mobile RDBMS systems. In these roles he was responsible for initial research, analysis and/or detailed business rules and requirements, the follow-on design and development of relevant documents, plans and/or schedules, identification and engagement of elemental contract stakeholders, the screening and acquisition of human resources, the design, engagement and deployment of operational teams and daily operational management as required.


I worked there from 1/2007 until now

Content I Write