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Creating business magic by aligning your goals with your customers' pain points

About Me

I'm an experienced content writer, strategist, and consultant. I've been writing longer than I care to think about. (Let's just say that my first "real" writing job involved a computer with green letters on a black screen.)  My work has appeared in numerous publications (not many bylines, unfortunately, since all work was for clients), including:

I also served as content strategist on "The Power of Digital Policy," a book by Kristina Podnar (we're friends and colleagues, but not relatives).

The Power of Digital Policy

Today, I'm thrilled to combine that first love with my other passion: business. My priority is to make sure that the content I write accomplishes your goals. If you're not sure what you want your content to accomplish, I help with that, too. That's why, before I start an assignment for you, I may ask what you want people to do, think, or feel after reading it.

Because the fundamentals of business and marketing (creating interest and awareness, solving pain points, creating new customers through education, etc.) hold true for almost all businesses, I'm comfortable writing for many different industries. Recently, I've been focusing on an issue that every business will eventually have to address: compliance: security, privacy, accessibility, etc. The importance of these topics will only increase as artificial intelligence and the metaverse become more intertwined in our business and personal lives.

Wondering if you need an industry expert rather than a writing/business expert?

It depends on your audience. If you're writing for people who do, finance, or regulate what you do, you may prefer an industry expert (with the exception of regulating online content -- that's one of my specialities, and I have access to leading experts in the field). If you're writing for people who will (hopefully!) buy what you do, you need an expert in business and marketing. That's also what I do.  

Not sure what you need?

Even better! There are plenty of great writers who can write what you tell them to write. I can, too -- but my real strength is on the content strategy side. I can write your blog posts, but I can also help you figure out who your audiences are (and how to avoid the curse of knowledge!), what they need to know, and how to write for their level of knowledge about your product or service. I can also help you stay out of trouble by pointing out compliance issues.

So if you don't know where to start, start with me! (And don't be scared off by the fact that I haven't worked on nDash much lately. I had to take a break due to some vision issues that have now been resolved, and I'm ready to build relationships with new clients!)

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Science & Medicine


Health & Wellness

My Writing Samples

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Innovative education for new generations: equity and relevance

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New education techniques are creating work-ready students

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Ikea invests in impact bonds designed to help Syrian refugees develop job skills

At the 2019 World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland, IKEA's philanthropic wing committed $7.7 million toward the development of an impact bond to provide vocational skills training for Syrian refugees living in Lebanon and Jordan.


How unique is your trucking delivery process?

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You may have Sjogren's Syndrome if...

A list of random, weird things (like hearing your eyeballs click when you blink!) that, taken together, could mean you have Sjogren's Syndrome.




Content strategy and development across a wide range of verticals

Company: Podnar Consulting, LLC

I worked there from 10/2013 until now

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Creative, fast, and professional

Patti has been a great addition to the nDash community. She's an extremely versatile writer, with experience in a broad range of industries, and is able to quickly break down complex topics into clear, compelling prose. I'm very thankful for her contributions, and would highly recommend her to any brand seeking a professional writer and storyteller.

Michael Brown, nDash.co