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Medical/Healthcare Copywriter

About Me

For the past 3 years, I've written persuasive, high-conversion copy for numerous clients across a diverse range of niches. White papers, email sequences, sales letters - you name it, I've done it.

However, my true passion for the written word lies in the anti-aging and health optimization space.

With a Bachelor's in Pharmaceutical Sciences, a Certificate in Regulatory Affairs and a near-finished Master's in Experimental Medicine, I have been blessed to be equipped with the skills and the know-how to provide you with access to new, groundbreaking fact-checked research that gives you an information edge over your competition.

My background in medical research ensures that when you use a clinical research report to add an interesting angle to your copy, I can ensure that you are accurately quoting it without removing context or omitting vital information. 

Having worked in the pharmaceutical industry, the federal government and academia, my multi-industry experience allows me to talk your language, and know all of the intricacies and inside jokes within your space.

When people read your content, they'll nod and agree: "Yeah, THIS person is 'in the know' and gets it!" ‚Äč

You'll be the "breath of fresh air" in an oversaturated sea of generic competitors who talk and sound exactly the same.

People will read your high-quality content and be relieved to have finally found someone who delivers the goods and teaches how one can truly optimize their health and their life for the better.

Here's what all of this means for you:

You'll be able to "sell" without selling. You will be able to attract new loyal, paying customers who will become repeat buyers. 

That means less time spending long, miserable 80-hour work weeks trying to build your business, and more time spent serving people who love and appreciate what you do.

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness



Science & Medicine

My Writing Samples

BDNF: The Secret Ingredient for Peak Performance & Optimal Cognition

This is a bonus chapter that I wrote for a recently released book called "The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet". It discusses how to use food and training to achieve optimal cognition and peak mental performance for enhanced productivity.


Determination of hydrazine at Ontario nuclear power plants

A published scientific paper where I was a co-author along my supervisor. I was responsible for experimental design, methodology, and the scientific writing that would eventually be used in the paper.


Building Your Learning & Development Strategy In 2018

This is a white paper that I wrote for an e-learning company that offers their virtual learning solutions to corporations worldwide. I had to discuss the best practices for effectively learning and retaining information taken from online courses, based on the company's experience and the insights found from industry experts within the field. The client was beyond ecstatic with the paper, and it is now one of the primary marketing materials they use to land high-quality prospects.



Regulatory Affairs - Certificate

Successfully completed coursework in regulations, laws and policies that adhere to therapeutic drugs, natural health products and medical devices.

Company: Algonquin College

I worked there from 9/2017 until 4/2018

Experimental Medicine - Master's

Studied novel ways for optimally dosing chemotherapy drugs used by stage IV non small cell lung cancer patients.

Company: McGill University

I worked there from 9/2015 until now

Content I Write