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About Me


"Joseph is an incredible writer who's capable of crafting really engaging copy! He really gets deep into the persona of the reader to write things that are extremely tailored for them. His experience is marketing and brand strategy is very valuable and something that makes him unique. " 

- Renat Gabitov, COO of CrowdTap 


Joseph is a professional copywriter/business content creator with varied experience in a variety of industries. In addition to knowing how to write highly converting converting copy, Joseph has a ground level understanding of what keeps business owners and marketers up at night: brand strategy, growth hacking, content marketing, conversions, etc. He specializes in helping his clients find the best way to write the answers to their audiences' problems. 

His work has been featured on The Huffington Post, LifeHack, Ninja Outreach, 1031 Writing Studio, and Heart Behind Hustle Magazine. 

Connect with him today to see how great content can grow your business! 

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My Writing Samples

How would you like a 108% lift in sales?

This is a practical case study showing how certain copywriting techniques got a company a 108% lift in sales.


How to write emails that people love reading.

A simple, proven, 3-step action plan on how to write emails that people love reading- even if you've never written an email before.


How to invest in equity crowdfunding

Here's a conversational, witty piece discussing the ups and downs of equity crowdfunding.



Content Creator and Creative Consultant

Creating engaging and tailored written content for various organizations. I also use my broad and unique background to provide the best creative business solutions for my clients. Building a solid client base with organizations like The University of Toronto, Merriam School of Music, LifeHack, and Heart Behind Hustle. I'm also the founder of the popular blog writeflo which shares useful content on careers, entrepreneurship, travel, and more!

Company: joesk.com

I worked there from 5/2013 until now

Brand Strategist and Bilingual Talent

-Creating compelling bilingual content fro brands like TD, Trojan, and Canadian Tire. -Managed all bilingual recruitment initiatives -Developed landing pages, visuals, and other copy for program rollout

Company: Diamond Integrated Marketing

I worked there from 8/2015 until 1/2016

Content I Write