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I offer reliable, well-researched content that gets results for B2B, B2C and SaaS companies..

About Me

With a background in journalism, I am a skilled professional writer and blogger, adept at preparing well-researched, reliable and targeted writing to enable you to meet your business goals. My recent work includes writing feature style customer stories, interviewing company insiders for case studies, writing articles for corporate newsletters and writing shareable blog content. I have written thousands of articles on a wide range of topics, helping businesses attract their readers with reliable and authoritative content. Other skills include writing news stories and writing press releases. A recent testimonial describes me as "a tech nut who writes some of the best blog posts about topics the rest of us wouldn't touch with a barge pole". It's true. I have a geeky side and love making technical topics understandable, with some of my favorite topics including analytics, social media, marketing, conversion optimization, search engine optimization and web app reviews. I have written for clients including IBM Midsize Insider, Unbounce, Buzzsumo, Skyword's The Content Standard, Adept Marketing, SERPs.com, Basic Blog Tips and have ghostwritten for technology and marketing companies. Check out some examples of my work below or get in touch to see how I can help you attract more customers with excellent content.

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eCommerce SEO: How to use keywords to increase traffic and sales

What’s the real deal with eCommerce SEO and keywords? Do you still need them—and how should you use them to make more sales?


Identifying Fake News in the Time of Corona

In this 5500+ word guide, we delve into the fake news phenomenon. You’ll learn: - The definition and types of fake news - The history of fake news - How fake news spreads - The psychology of fake news - Fake news statistics - Fake news in different digital marketing genres - Where you’re likely to find fake news - How to recognize and report fake news - We’ll also look at the top fake news websites, and assess the future of fake news.


Online Lead Generation Marketing: A Complete Guide

In-depth guide to lead generation online, including strategies and best practices. [Long-form content]


SEO Made Easy—Ultimate Guide to Explode Your Traffic In 2020

Long form content (8000 words+) - guide to current SEO best practices.


Why pushing for the sale may cost you business

Interview with Joe Howard, CEO of WPBuffs for Jilt Upsell


How to Use LinkedIn for Marketing

LinkedIn is a key business marketing tool. Here's how to use it more effectively.



Professional Writer and Blogger, Journalist

I mostly work with B2B and SaaS companies, but have also worked with B2C companies. I specialize in writing about digital marketing (content marketing, email marketing, SEO, social media, and the like). However, I've also written about topics as diverse as user experience (UX), customer experience (CX), productivity, and freelancing. My client list (past and present) includes Taboola, Slickplan, OptinMonster, Jilt, Search Engine People, Crazy Egg, & Unbounce.

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I worked there from 7/2005 until now

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