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Chris Hardee


B2B Technology Writer

About Me

Finding the right tech writer for your business can be challenging. You need someone who is not only reliable, but can quickly come up to speed with your products and services.

Unlike most copywriters, I have over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. I've sat on the other side of the table during demos, so I know what goes into the technology buyer's decision-making process.

While you're good at marketing, you may not have the copywriting staff on-hand that can speak "engineer" and translate their technical wisdom into how your products and services improve your customer's business.

This is what I do.

I work with marketing departments to expand their capacity by creating content that gets more leads and makes conversions.

I specialize in website content, email marketing, landing pages, white papers, and case studies.

Some of my clients have included:

Find out more about me at: http://resoundingwords.com/

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My Writing Samples

Putting the Brakes on Hacked Cars

I was the on-site blogger for the MISTI cybersecurity conference. This blog post was part of the content I created for the event.


PostgreSQL vs. MariaDB

This is part of a series I created for Panoply that compares various databases (and introduces their tool).


How to Conduct An Excel Spreadsheet Intervention

If it feels like your accounting department will cling to its Excel spreadsheets until the day the earth ends, you're not alone. Like Elsa, this post explains why it's time to "Let it Go".


5 Secrets to Launching a Great Entrepreneurial Product (While You’re Still Employed)

Following these five steps can help you launch a great product while still holding down a day job. This will allow you to minimize your risk and make most of your time.


The Benefits of Running Your Web CMS in the Cloud

Example white paper



B2B Freelance Writer

B2B freelance writer and content strategist with 20 years of experience in the technology industry.

Company: ResoundingWords.com

I worked there from 8/2009 until now

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