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Freelance writer and journalist | content strategist

About Me

I am a versatile communication professional with almost two decades of experience in journalism, writing/editing and content strategy. I offer a broad range of services focused on communication and content. If it requires creative and strategic thinking, I'm on it!

Technology (B2B, consumer)

...and many more

-Digital media content (strategy | development | execution)

-PR, marketing content (blogs | reported features | case studies | collateral | etc)

-Copy editing


-Publication and project management

-Multimedia production (video | graphic design | photography)

-B2B & B2C 

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Do you need a virtual CISO?

BYLINED article | Businesses concerned with increasing cybersecurity risks and regulations may want to turn to virtual chief information security officers for strategic guidance.


How to protect your company from fraud

BYLINED article | Digital transformation has ushered in new risk-management challenges, and protecting a business from fraud is more complex than ever. From data security to third-party risk, the interconnected digital ecosystem requires businesses to adopt new risk-management solutions.


How to detect and prevent direct-deposit phishing scams

BYLINED article | One relatively new way to bilk organizations of money is a direct-deposit phishing scheme, aimed at employers that use self-service direct-deposit platforms.


Intellectual property breaches often carry hidden business costs

BYLINED ARTICLE | Industrial spying is as old as competitive commerce. Now the digital age has made it much easier to steal intellectual property. Yet data breaches related to IP theft rarely make news headlines.


Cyber criminals use ransomware to hook big fish

BYLINED ARTICLE | Ransomware is no longer random. It used to be simply clicking on the wrong web page at the wrong time could result in an infection that cut you off from your computer files—until you paid a “ransom.” But over the past few months, a new, much more alarming trend has been emerging—cyber criminals have shifted to attacks that specifically target organizations.


What is SaaS security?

WEB page example | The most common threats to data in SaaS applications


7 elements of a successful security awareness program

BYLINED article | As cybersecurity experts often like to say, humans are the weakest link in an organization’s security. Technology can only go so far in protecting data and other assets, but the end users can always undo the best of defenses.


Your social media posts are popular—with hackers

BYLINED ARTICLE | Social media is embedded in our lives—Facebook alone had 1.79 billion daily users as of September 2016—which means cyber criminals are not far behind. As companies increasingly rely on this digital channel for marketing, recruiting, customer service and other business functions, social media also has become a highly effective vehicle for cyber attacks. Outside of the corporate network perimeter and an organization’s control, it throws traditional security approaches out the win


5 industries that must adhere to strict data compliance — and why there are more to come

NONBYLINED blog post | With the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation coming into effect and California enacting its landmark consumer law, 2018 was a watershed year for data privacy regulations. Many industry experts believe this indicates a new trend — regulators are paying attention to the implications of a data-driven world.


Alert Logic case study — Tango

CASE study | Alert Logic helps SaaS company Tango to prevent data from being compromised.


Alert Logic case study — CHESS Health

CASE study | Alert Logic helps app startup CHESS Health security its AWS deployment.


How to grapple with the growing gender gap in cybersecurity

BYLINED ARTICLE | Glass ceilings are not exclusive to the White House. The cybersecurity industry, too, is struggling to open career paths for women. Although the number of women in the profession is growing, their proportion of the information security workforce — about 10 percent, according to a 2015 Frost and Sullivan study—has stayed the same.


More health care organizations on HIPAA’s hit list

BYLINED ARTICLE | When the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) became law in 1996, the internet was an infant. Physicians walked around with paper charts. A tablet referred to a pill. And the typical cyber attack aimed to deface a website. But with the evolution of the electronic age, the majority of the nearly 1.2 billion annual medical visits in the United States are documented, stored and shared in electronic form. And the threat landscape has been evolving as well.


Preventing risk in your BYOD healthcare environment

NONBYLINED blog post | As the BYOD trend becomes mainstream in healthcare, it is enabling the mobile workforce to be more efficient and productive. But the benefits of the BYOD phenomenon come with their own set of risks.


What your compliance officer should know about privacy

BYLINED article | A compliance officer is the central figure in ensuring that business processes and operations follow both internal policies and procedures, and external legislation.


Missed GDRP deadline? 6 steps you need to take now

BYLINED article | Despite the race to be ready for GDPR, a large number of organizations are still not compliant.


For cybersecurity industry, it looks like AI is here to stay

BYLINED article | Throughout its 60-year history, artificial intelligence has had several peaks and valleys. Does it have staying power this time?


Cybersecurity's people problem: More millenials needed

BYLINED article| Faced with a growing shortage of workers, the cybersecurity industry needs to figure out how to attract a new wave of talent.


Securing your Azure deployment

NONBYLINED blog post | As organizations embrace the cloud’s flexibility and agility, Microsoft’s cloud platform, Azure, has become a top choice as a cost-effective solution that scales for any organization, no matter the size, to meet agility and flexibility needs.


Fitness trackers can be dangerous to the health of your data

BYLINED article | Cyber criminals are learning to weaponize the Internet of Things on a new, massive scale, and like most connected consumer devices, fitness trackers are not terribly secure.


6 criteria for evaluating public vs. private cloud pros and cons

NONBYLINED blog post | An estimated 97 percent of organizations use cloud services today, according to McAfee, and Cisco forecasts cloud workloads nearly tripling between 2016 and 2021. Cloud computing has clearly gone mainstream. Yet the debate goes on: Which is best, public or private?



Editor in Chief, The Pen Woman magazine

The Pen Woman is the quarterly publication for members of National League of American Pen Women, a nonprofit founded in 1897 with the mission of supporting women who produce professional work in art, letters and music.

Company: National League of American Pen Women

I worked there from 5/2016 until now


Tollefson Creative Solutions provides writing, editing and content strategy for local and national/global brands. Sample of brands I've written for: American Express; GoToMeeting/join.me; Skyhigh Networks (now part of McAfee); Alert Logic, HOSTING, HomeServe, Fortinet (via ContentMX); Walmart, CORT, Hertz, MetroPCS, Mazda (via IZEA), ByteGrid

Company: Tollefson Creative Solutions

I worked there from 6/2001 until now

Contributing writer and editor

Managing editor for WestSound Home & Garden magazine; manager/editor for WSHG's blog at wshg.net/blog

Company: Wet Apple Media

I worked there from /2001 until now

Freelance writer

Current regular contributor to Kitsap Business Journal, WestSound Home & Garden magazine, Third Certainty blog Publication credits include Washington Post, Kitsap Sun, Tacoma News Tribune, Bellingham Herald, Christian Science Monitor, High Country News, Classical Singer, Remodeling Magazine, SCV Signal, weather.com, Alaska Adventures

Company: Misc publications

I worked there from 6/2000 until now

Other journalism experience

My journalism experience includes beat writer for a weekly newspaper, executive editor at a nonprofit community newspaper, contributing correspondent for a regional business journal for a decade and contract editor for two local weeklies

Company: Staff or contributing writer and editor

I worked there from 9/2000 until 3/2015

Content I Write