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Christine Funk


Attorney, Writer

About Me

Early in my legal career, I was required to handle a case involving forensic science. I enjoyed the challenge of learning a new skill. Since then, I have been fortunate to handle a number of different types of forensic science in criminal cases. I excel at communicating complex scientific concepts in lay terms. I have been fortunate enough to train lawyers, judges, and law enforcement on three continents about various forensic science disciplines. I enjoy litigation, from the planning stages through closing arguments. I continue to seek new challenges through my consulting business. I have several publications in the area of forensic science and the law. I am expanding my horizons, blogging for lawyers and writing content tailored to individual clients' needs.

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My Writing Samples

Common rental scams: Students and renters beware!

The article, assigned by the client, describes various rental scams and what consumers can do to recognize and protect themselves from such scams.


The need to vet forensic science experts

This article discusses a recent news story about a forensic scientist who falsified credentials, and the need for attorneys to vet their experts thoroughly.


Darryl Howard Released: Durham, North Carolina

This article summarizes the wrongful conviction and subsequent release of Darryl Howard.



Consultant, Litigator

Private consulting on issues involving forensic science. Areas of consulting include pretrial forensic file review, as well as post conviction appellate or habeas review in criminal cases. Consultation on television scripts, screen plays, and non-fiction as it relates to issues involving the intersection of forensic science and the law. Freelance writer, legal blogger. Litigation services on a contract basis, from arbitration to contested hearings to complex litigation and trials.

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