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Freelance Tech Writer

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I'm a freelance writer specializing on tech and business, with published works in Time.com, Lifehack.org and Appstorm.net.

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The 10 Best Android Games for Kids

If you love Android and find it awesome, chances are your child is twice as enamored by it. We can’t escape the digital age, and like it or not, our children are the ones who will thrive in it as they grow up in this brave, new world.


5 Online Tools Every Freelancer Must Take Time To Learn

If you’re a smart freelancer, then you know that staying ahead of the game involves adaptability and an open mind to new concepts, including online tools that clients ask you to use.


Toshl: A Simple Way To Manage Your Finances

Managing finances is a task that’s often taken for granted. We’d rather play games on our mobile phones than make records of how much we’ve spent for the day. Toshl Finance, a money management app for Android, seems to understand this challenge and offers the easiest possible solution for tracking, planning and overseeing your spending habits. It may be simple and straightforward, but it works.


10 Pro Tips For Starting Your First Podcast as a Beginner

If you’re comfortable with talking to get your ideas across, and you’re not scared of a little technical adventure, then you’re more than ready to start your own podcast. Here are 10 tips to help you through the process.




Write reviews and articles about smartphone and web apps

Company: Envato

I worked there from 11/2011 until 7/2013


Write reviews and articles for technology apps used in blogging and digital marketing.

Company: ShoutMeLoud

I worked there from 3/2014 until 5/2017

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