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writer, editor, traveller, geek at Russ Swan

About Me

Versatile and experienced journalist with a focus on science, engineering, and technology, also writing about travel, motoring and motorcycling, and outdoor leisure. Recently published in MailOnline, Wired, Gizmodo, Guardian, Laboratory News, Electro Optics, BBC News, Private Eye, and others. Previously editor at Laboratorytalk, VerticalNet Europe, The Chemical Engineer, Bridge Design & Engineering, World Highways. More than you will ever want to know at russswan.com

Industries I Write About

Science & Medicine

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My Writing Samples

Make some noise for graphene aerogel speakers

Future-tech / science news article for Gizmodo on an intriguing new development in flat speaker technology for the next gerenation of mobile devices


Mysterious Planet Nine may have given our solar system its bizarre tilt

Astronomy news item for Wired which links the suspected orbit of the postulated Planet Nine to the unexplained tilt in the orbital plane of the other planets


Lasers at the leading edge

Feature article for Electro Optics magazine about the latest developments in research-grade lasers, exploring the higher powers, shorter pulses, and new wavelengths being used


Oldest hafted axe may not have had a handle

Exclusive for MailOnline revealing that the widely-reported discovery of the world's oldest hafted (handled) axe in Australia may not be all it seems - after the archaeologists admitted to me they had no real evidence for the claim


Dumbing it down for the masses

One of my regular columns for Lab News, this time discussing the cretinisation of science coverage (and introducing the all-purpose television science frankenpresenter Professor Doctor Brian Brian O'Briain)



writer, editor, traveller, geek

Freelance journalist contributing to newspapers, magazines, websites, and broadcasters. Available for commissions and assignments for news, features, editing, and multimedia work

Company: Russ Swan

I worked there from /2011 until now

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