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Giving your vision a voice!

About Me

Ready to play your evolutionary edge? I help practical visionaries birth their deepest dreams. Melding a background in marketing and content creation with coaching expertise and a commitment to global consciousness, I accelerate your growth into warp drive. Our professional alchemy will enable you to:

• Define your signature story/mission statement

• Identify your ideal audience

• Create or refine branded marketing content

• Develop a visionary action plan

• Put the above into practice to deliver your dreams.

I work remotely with clients worldwide to create exceptional outcomes. Whether you're an emerging company seeking support to evolve, an established brand eager to expand in new directions, or an individual on a quantum growth trajectory, I'll help springboard your success. Specialties:

• Content development (websites, blogs, bios, case studies, newsletters, feature articles...)

• Social media marketing

• SEO best practices/digital marketing

• Personal/professional transition

• Health & well being (former To Your Health columnist for Nation's Business magazine)

• Sustainability/green business

• Positive aging 

Industries I Write About

Science & Medicine

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Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

Digital portfolio

A seasoned writer, blogger, social media maven and business coach, I help emerging and established brands tell their signature story with panache. My background in marketing and entrepreneurship spans a range of verticals, including health care, sustainable living/green business, vital aging, startups, and the business/technology interface. I'm a former To Your Health columnist for Nation's Business magazine (US). How can I springboard YOUR success?



Founder / Principal

I'm a change agent for global transformation. Synthesizing a background in corporate communication, marketing, entrepreneurship, health/wellness, environmental education and spiritual development, I help accelerate personal and organizational evolution.

Company: LiveYourLight.com

I worked there from 6/1994 until now

Content I Write