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Gerald Hanks


Freelance Writer and E-book Author

About Me

I've written for news sites, national magazines, and film journals.

I've been a full-time freelance writer since 2008. 

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My Writing Samples

Men’s Houston charity fundraiser combines ‘Shark Tank’ with Happy Hour

The Houston chapter of “100 Men Who Give A Damn” arranges quarterly meetings at the Ibiza Lounge near downtown Houston. The men enjoy a few drinks, network with other professionals and pledge at least $100 toward the group’s fundraising effortsPresenters from three non-profit agencies deliver their formal pitches to the audience, with each presenter getting five minutes to tout the virtues of their group. Presenters are not allowed to use videos, slide shows or demonstrations.


The Force Awakens vs. The Last Jedi: Do Characters Serve The Plot, or Vice Versa?

At the end of The Force Awakens, Rey (Daisy Ridley) finishes her quest to find Jedi Master Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) and hand him his lightsaber. The music swells, and the audience awaits Luke's reaction to encountering his old weapon and, in many ways, his old life.At the beginning of The Last Jedi, Luke takes the weapon from Rey, and casually tosses it over his shoulder like an old gum wrapper.


The Best Poker TV Shows Ever Made

Most poker fans will agree on the two major factors that contributed to the poker boom of recent years: online poker and TV poker shows. Not only has the customer base for online poker exploded in the last eight years, the sheer amount of TV poker content has also expanded. In a five-hundred-channel universe that must fill its voracious twenty-four hour programming schedule, poker shows have become nearly as omnipresent as late-night infomercials.


Example of a Supply Chain Management System of a Company

A supply chain management system organizes the tasks involved in the supply chain process. The factors in the supply chain process include the product manufacturer, the wholesaler, the distributor and the retailer. The objectives of a supply chain management system are to increase customer value and to develop a reliable advantage over the competition. Small businesses that take part in supply chain management activities must understand how they fit into the system.



Web Site Content Provider and E-book Author

I've provided content for several gambling and poker sites, including guides on strategy, odds and rules of various casino games. I've also completed an e-book on how to get started as a Mixed Martial Arts fighter. Please check it out at www.becomemma.com.

Company: Freelance Writer

I worked there from 9/2008 until now

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