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Freelance Writer

About Me

Novelist, journalist, & content writer. MFA in Creative Writing from Columbia University, 2016.

Industries I Write About

Real Estate

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My Writing Samples

Balancing the GRE with a full-time job

Article for The Economist GRE Tutor. Goals: strong SEO, conversational style, accessible yet meaty.


Biography of Lockheed Martin

Short Biography for the National Science and Technology Medal Foundation. Goals: educational storytelling and scientific literacy.


Design Symposium on Global Health

Reporting for Interior Design. Goals: strong SEO, good pull quote, relevant for expert practitioners.


Throw Trucks with Your Mind

Kickstarter pitch for Crooked Tree Studios (successful!). Goals: pitch clearly, explain revolutionary product, interest media and potential investors, tell a story we can care about.



Freelance Content Writer

Recent publications at: - The Economist - Interior Design - National Science and Technology Medal Foundation Broad range of work. Journalism, content writing, marketing/branding, sales copy. Longer and shorter forms. Editing for SEO, on-site reporting, and original pitches as well as assignments. For samples, please see: http://cssamulski.com

Company: Self-employed

I worked there from 3/2013 until now

Content I Write