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Clair Belmonte


Digital Marketing Strategist and Writer - Storyteller, Content Marketer, SEO

About Me

High conversion content strategy and SEO are my game. I'm ready to dig deep into your business, intimately learn your story, and tell your story in a way that inspires sales based on your 'why.'

Stories offer our society its most valuable digital commodity: information. I consider myself a story matchmaker; with all of the information available on the internet, entrepreneurs need help finding and addressing an audience that appreciates their unique value proposition. That's where I come in.

When small businesses successfully set measurable marketing goals, promote their message, create irresistible content, and track their success, they thrive. My job is to help businesses create foolproof marketing strategies and content that attracts new, qualified leads. I'm all about testing, improving, and optimizing every part of your organization, resulting in more traffic, more leads, and more sales.

I tackle projects relating to marketing strategy, search engine optimization, writing and editing, and paid advertising. I particularly love working with e-commerce brands.

My goal is to help you set a marketing foundation that delivers long-term ROI and allows you to grow into a marketing powerhouse. I have both corporate and freelance experience managing content for websites as large as 1mil pages and as small as 5; no matter the size of the project, I treat each client with the same respect and value.

With my extensive strategy, SEO, and content creation experience, I am devoted to helping you attract your audience and hold their attention with compelling content.

Is your project my next challenge?

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Health & Wellness

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Science & Medicine

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My Writing Samples

Which is Better: A Software Product or Industry Specific Solution

Blog post on whether a food and beverage company should choose industry-specific ERP software or a generalized software product. Focuses: SaaS, cloud computing, software, tech


Sapahn Case Study

Case study which showcases the success of implementing a content strategy and SEO campaign for a fashion e-commerce organization.


The Fall of Formality: Why Millennial Audiences Love Casual CTAs

Digital marketing article exploring how millennials prefer casual CTAs to traditional ones. Focuses: conversion marketing, content marketing, social media, A/B testing


Productivity Hacks with RescueTime

Overview of RescueTime program for small business owners and freelancers. Focuses: software, life hacks, productivity, business


What Does an SEO Agency Do?

Article discussing services offered by SEO firms. Focuses: marketing, SEO, branded content


Here's 5 Reasons Dancing Makes Your Healthier

Research-heavy listicle about the health benefits of taking a dance class. Focuses: health & wellness, fitness, exercise


5 Ways to Save on Student Loans

Listicle on personal finance tips. Focuses: financial services, personal finances, loans


4 Ways to Improve Your Love Life with Crystals

Blog post to promote crystal healing class. Focuses: event promotion, alternative healing, crystal healing, self-development, health & wellness


Serving Veterans One Penny at a Time with Gear Up for a Cause and the Fisher House Foundation

Promotional campaign blog post featuring in-depth reporting on a non-profit organization. Focuses: non-profit, promotions, e-commerce


Let's Get Moving! Perfect Bags for Every Travel Babe

Video script, direction, and corresponding blog post promoting new products. Focuses: fashion e-commerce, branded content, video script


How to Avoid Writing What Every Other Blogger Is

Short-form marketing article with blogging tips. Focuses: marketing, blogging, advertising, public relations


Letter to the Editor: Finding Favor in the Smokiest Places

Personal essay on local coffee shop closing.




My aim is to make digital marketing success foolproof for small business owners. At Belmonte Marketing, we help businesses create a marketing foundation that helps them grow. I have worked extensively on SEO, content strategy, and various writing and editing projects in multiple industries to provide a full-service, multichannel marketing experience.

Company: Belmonte Marketing

I worked there from 4/2017 until now

Senior Marketing Associate

Write and edit print and digital marketing communications, including direct mail packages, email, ads, letters, school presentations, landing pages, promotional materials, customer service talking points, webinar scripts, and web content based on the Chicago Manual of Style

Company: Discover Financial Services

I worked there from 8/2015 until 4/2017

Web Content Specialist

Edited, optimized, and performed quality control checks on all web content across 12 e-commerce store fronts, including 1 flash sale site; evaluated pages using Google Analytics and implemented SEO techniques to increase organic traffic without compromising B2C experience or readability; composed unique HTML-based copy for 150+ products a week, combining extensive product knowledge with effective calls to action to achieve higher onsite conversion; wrote blog posts and how-to guides

Company: OpticsPlanet, Inc

I worked there from 10/2014 until 8/2015

Nonfiction Editor

Reviewed and edited all nonfiction submissions for online and print submissions; worked with an editorial team to establish and carry out the print issue’s creative direction; wrote weekly creative pieces across all genres

Company: The Wolf Skin

I worked there from 6/2014 until 7/2015

Managing Editor and Contributing Writer

Edited and proofread biweekly submissions on a tight deadline; recruited, supervised, and provided writing guidance to a team of 15+ writers; created and maintained an editorial calendar; wmbedded articles and managed a custom CMS; wrote articles relevant to teenage and young adult women; promoted articles on social media, including: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, etc.

Company: Hello Perfect

I worked there from 7/2013 until 9/2014

Editorial Assistant

Read, reviewed, and made recommendations on 10+ nonfiction writing submissions per week; wrote expert feedback on the quality, strengths, and weaknesses of each submission; worked directly with the Nonfiction Editor and the Managing Editor; collaborated with the nonfiction editorial team to make decisions for the literary journal

Company: The Iowa Review

I worked there from 9/2013 until 5/2014

Content I Write